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Advantages of VOCs online monitoring equipment

Visits:Date:2021-6-23 16:36:00

The advantages and performance of VOCs online monitoring equipment are more prominent in many points, among which the sampling of module has its own characteristics. We all know the importance of sampling on the accuracy of technical requirements. If the sampling work is not in place and rigorous, it is difficult to improve the accuracy of the test results to a certain height. The VOCs on-line monitoring equipment, because of its outstanding work in sampling, provides a stable and reliable basis for its subsequent detection accuracy.

1 Cooperate with sampling module to provide regular automatic check

The regular verification of sampling module of VOCs online monitoring equipment with good service quality is in place. VOCs on-line monitoring equipment can perform remote check (valve a) and near end check (valve b). Provide historical trend chart query function; The peak area was used to calculate the concentration of the compound, which was not affected by the zero drift.

2 The data is accurate and reliable

The reliable VOCs on-line monitoring equipment system can check the measuring line for different concentrations, and the concentration range can be automatically switched. The VOCs on-line monitoring equipment ensures that the monitoring data is within the effective monitoring range and does not deviate from the effective range. The accuracy and reliability of its data make it the basis of continuous progress on the road of development.

3 Real time monitoring of governance facility efficiency

High quality VOCs on-line monitoring equipment, combined with the monitoring data of the import and export of the treatment facilities and the temperature pressure flow parameters, the VOCs on-line monitoring equipment system can automatically calculate the total removal rate and the removal rate of each characteristic factor, provide real-time, intuitive and accurate data for users to master the pollution discharge and treatment, and achieve the effect of investment appreciation.

The advantage of VOCs on-line monitoring equipment is very clear, because from the beginning to the middle of the link, it is outstanding and in place. It ensures the perfection of the testing process. In order to ensure the reliability and stability of the results, it constantly improves its own technical level. It is because of the unremitting efforts of VOCs online monitoring equipment that its performance is rising, and it is constantly trusted and praised by customers, thus standing in today's market and showing an invincible trend.