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Classification of dry ice cleaning equipment

Visits:Date:2021-6-23 16:34:55

Mold cleaning machine varieties are: simple ultrasonic cleaning machine, semi-automatic electrolytic mold cleaning machine, automatic electrolytic mold cleaning machine.

Simple ultrasonic cleaning machine: is a use of ultrasonic cavitation this science and technology, through the ultrasonic transducer vibration emission principle, can be simple mold surface oil, cleaning effect is not thorough, precision mold cleaning and maintenance does not need to consider.

Electrolytic mold cleaning machine: the use of electrolysis, dirt by the action of current to produce positive and negative molecules, through the catalytic effect of oxygen and hydrogen produced on the metal surface, so that the dirt part of the rapid decomposition, stripping and floating, the use of special solution through full chemical effect to make the dirt rapid decomposition. Effectively remove the mold oil, rust, sulfide, gas, plastic carbon and other dirt. Good choice for mold cleaning and maintenance.